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Readers Favorites Award WInners 2015
Readers Favorites Awards

Readers Favorites Award Winners

Each year our readers vote for their favorites sources for a wide variety of children's items ranging from safety and hygiene to apparel and furniture. Here re this year's award winners.

1st Place     - L’ovedbaby
2nd Place     - Sunday Afternoon
2nd Place     - Zatnick
3rd Place     - Wee Ones
3rd Place     - The Rug Market

Activity Mat
1st Place     - Haba
1st Place     - Monkey Mat
2nd Place    - Kids Preferred
3rd Place     - Skip Hop

1st Place      - Mud Pie
1st place      - Frenchie Mini Couture
1st Place     - Girls ExtraOrdinaire
2nd Place    - L’ovedbaby
2nd Place     - RuffleButts
2nd Place     - Sozo
3rd Place     - Bunnies by the Bay
3rd Place     - Huggalugs
3rd Place     - Kissy Kissy
3rd Place     - BabyVision

1st Place     - Oopsy Daisy
2nd Place    - Baby Chick Designs
2nd Place    - Dish & Spoon Productions
3rd Place     - Twelve Timbers

1st Place     - Baby Einstein
2nd Place    - Rock a Bye Baby
3rd Place    - Putumayo

Baby Bath
1st Place     - Puj
2nd Place     - Primo
2nd Place    - Karibu
3rd Place     - 4Moms


Baby Book
1st Place     - CR Gibson
2nd Place    - AD Sutton
3rd Place     - Lucy Darling

Baby Bottle
1st Place      - Philips Avent
2nd Place     - Mixie
2nd Place     - thinkbaby
3rd Place      - Pura Stainless

Baby Bottle Accessories
1st Place      - Bottle Pets
2nd Place     - Boon
3rd Place     - Munchkin Sterilizer

Baby Carrier
1st Place      - Moby
2nd Place     - Chicco
3rd Place     - Cybex
3rd Place     - LilleBaby

Baby Skin Care Product
1st Place      - Dolphin Organics
2nd Place     - Earth Mama Angel Baby
3rd Place      - Baby Spa

Baby Sling
1st Place      - Hot Slings
2nd Place     - Baby K’tan
3rd Place     - Moby Wrap

Baby Wipes/Accessories
1st Place      - Honest Company
2nd Place     - Babyganics
3rd Place     - Lansinoh

1st Place      - Lily & Momo
2nd Place     - Wee Ones
3rd Place     - Beyond Creations

1st Place     - Halo
2nd Place     - Lulla Smith Baby
3rd Place     - Guzzie & Guss Habitat

Bassinet Liner
1st Place       - Naturepedic
2nd Place     - Baby Doll
3rd Place      - Lulla Smith

Bath Item
1st Place      - Baby Aspen
2nd Place     - Primo
2nd Place     - Kelgar
3rd Place      - iPlay
3rd Place     - Avanti Kids

Bath Safety Item
1st Place       - Mommy’s Helper
2nd Place     - Primo
2nd Place     - Kelgar
3rd Place     - Aqueduc

Bedding - Infant
1st Place      - Little Bunny Blue
1st Place      - Trend Lab
2nd Place     - Caden Lane
3rd Place      - Novela Organics

Bedding - Toddler
1st Place      - Liz & Roo
2nd Place     - Dwell Studio   
3rd Place     - Sweet JoJo Design

Bedding - Twin/Tween
1st Place       - Pem America
2nd Place     - Serene & Lily
3rd Place      - Dwell Studio

Bed - Toddler
1st Place      - Brixy Haven/Westwood
2nd Place     - Bratt Decor
3rd Place     - Bivona Co.

1st Place      - Kiddologic
2nd Place     - Bumkins
2nd Place     - Cheeky Chompers
3rd Place      - Green Sprouts
3rd Place      - Baby Bjorn

Blanket - Receiving
1st Place     - Aden & Anais
1st Place     - Swaddle Design
2nd Place    - Goosewaddle
3rd Place     - Petunia Picklebottom

Blanket - Toddler
1st Place      - Swankie Blankie
2nd Place     - Little Giraffe
3rd Place      - Goosewaddle


Boy Product

1st Place      - Sozo Wee Block
2nd Place     - First Years Disney
3rd Place      - Melissa & Doug

Breast Pump
1st Place      - Lansinoh
2nd Place     - Medela
3rd Place     - Hygeia

Breast Pump Accessory
1st Place      -  Simplicity
2nd Place     -  Ameda
3rd Place      - Medea

Car Seat
1st Place     - Britax
2nd Place    - Cybex
3rd Place     - Doona

Car Seat Cover
1st Place      - Itzy Ritzy
2nd Place     - Baby Bella Maya
3rd Place     - Nollie Covers

1st Place      -  Munire Furniture
2nd Place     -  Million Dollar Baby
3rd Place      -  Bratt Decor

Changing Table
1st Place      - Primo
2nd Place     - Corsican
3rd Place     - AFG Baby Furniture

Child Locator System
1st Place      - My Buddy Tag
2nd Place     - Mommy I’m Here
3rd Place     - Giggle Bug

Christening Gown
1st Place      - Little Things  Mean A Lot
2nd Place     - Sweetie Pie
3rd Place     -  Feltman Brothers

1st Place      - Bratt Decor
2nd Place     - Corsican
3rd Place      - Martinek Bebe

1st Place      - Million Dollar  Baby
2nd Place     - Bratt Decor
3rd Place      - Orbelle
3rd Place      - Westwood


1st Place      - Bumkins
2nd Place     - Charlie Banana
2nd Place     - Softbums
2nd Place     - Rumparooz
3rd Place      - Best Bottom Diapers
3rd Place      - GroVia

Diaper Bag
1st Place       - JP Lizzy
2nd Place      - Kalencom
2nd Place      - Mud Pie
3rd Place       - Nova Harley
3rd Place       - Timi & Leslie

Dress-up Product
1st Place     - Just Pretend Kids
1st Place     - Make 2 Play
2nd Place    - Aeromax
3rd Place     -  Little Adventures

Educational Product
1st Place      - EDC
2nd Place     - Begin Again
2nd Place     - Safari Ltd.
3rd Place     - Manhattan Toys

1st Place     - Baby Deer
1st Place     - Cape Clogs
2nd Place     - Bibi & Mimi
2nd Place     - Pediped
3rd Place     - Naturino

1st Place     - Funnybone Toys

2nd Place     - KidRealm
3rd Place     - Edupress

Gift Set
1st Place     - Bunnies by  the Bay
1st Place     - Daddy Scrubs
2nd Place     - Baby Aspen
3rd Place     - Stephen Baby

Girl Product
1st Place      - Moose Enterprise
2nd Place     - Alex Toys
3rd Place     - Andy & Evan

1st Place      - Angel Song
2nd Place     - Best Chair
3rd Place     - Monte Design

Green/Organic Product
1st Place      - Rockin’ Green Soap
2nd Place     - Liberty Graphics
2nd Place     - Nuna
2nd Place     - Poncho Baby
3rd Place      - Earth Mama Angel Baby
3rd Place      - Baby Soy
3rd Place      - Zoe b. Organic

1st Place     - Jamie Rae Hats
2nd Place    - Huggalugs
2nd Place    - Daisy Baby
3rd Place     - L'ovedbaby

Head Support
1st Place      - Baby Elephant Ears
2nd Place     - Boppy
3rd Place     - J.J. Cole

High Chair
1st Place      - Chicco
2nd Place     - Phil & Ted’s
3rd Place      - Inglesina

Hooded Towels
1st Place      - Yikes Twins
2nd Place     - A.M. P.M. Kids
3rd Place     - Little Giraffe

Hygiene Item
1st Place       - Banana Brush Toothbrush
2nd Place     - Keri-Cure
2nd Place     - MD Moms
3rd Place      - Primo
3rd Place     - J.D. Beauty Products

Jewelry - Child
1st Place      - Cherished Moments
2nd Place     - Mud Pie
3rd Place     - Confetti & Friends

Jewelry - Mommy
1st Place      - Hip to Be Me Jewelry
2nd Place     - Isabelle Grace
3rd Place     - Hip Mom
3rd Place     - Cherished  Moments

Sippy Cup
1st Place      - Pura Kiki Stainless
1st Place      - Inch Bug
2nd Place     - Tommee Tippee
3rd Place     - thinkbaby
3rd Place     - Innobaby


1st Place      - Lambs & Ivy
2nd Place     - Charn & Company
3rd Place     - Dwell Studio

1st Place      - Kissy Kissy
2nd Place     - Little Me
3rd Place      - Baby Aspen

1st Place       - Baby Legs
2nd Place      - Country Kids
3rd Place      - Huggalugs

Best Market/Trade Show
1st Place      - ABC Kids Expo
2nd Place     - AmericasMart
3rd Place      - Dallas Market

Maternity Apparel
1st Place      - Everly Grey
2nd Place     - Seraphine
3rd Place     - Isabelle Oliver

Maternity Bra
1st Place      - Lamaze
2nd Place     - Bravado
3rd Place      - Carriwell

Maternity Hospital Gown
1st Place      - Pretty Pushers
2nd Place     - BG & Company
3rd Place     - Baby Be Mine

Maternity Skin Care
1st Place      - Earth Mama Angel Baby
2nd Place     - Bella B
3rd Place     - Mustela

Maternity Support
1st Place      - Gabriella
2nd Place     - Belly Bandit
3rd Place      - Carriwell

1st Place      - Colgate Kids
2nd Place     - Naturepedic
3rd Place      - Moonlight Slumber

1st Place     - Manhattan Toy
2nd Place    - Maya Group/ Tiny Love
3rd Place     - VTech Baby

1st Place      - Angelcare
1st Place      - Motorola
2nd Place     - Graco
3rd Place     - Philips Avent

Moses Basket
1st Place      - Lulla Smith Baby
2nd Place     - Maddie Boo
3rd Place      - Baby Doll

Nasal Aspirator
1st Place      - The Snotsucker
2nd Place     - Baby ComfyNose
3rd Place      - NoseFrida
3rd Place      - BreathEasier

Night Light
1st Place       - Cloud B
2nd Place      - Munchkin
3rd Place       - Total Dreamz

1st Place       - Dr. Brown
2nd Place      - Comotomo
3rd Place       - Lansinoh

Nursing Apparel
1st Place      - Milkstars
2nd Place     - Japanese  Weekend
3rd Place      - Glamourmom

Nursing Cover
1st Place      - L'ovedbaby
2nd Place     - Bebe au Lait
3rd Place      - Primo

Nursing Bra
1st Place      - Cake Lingerie
2nd Place     - Belabumbum
3rd Place      - Bravado

Nursing Pad
1st Place      - Lansinoh
2nd Place     - Bamboobies
2nd Place     - Lilypadz
3rd Place      - Medea

Nursing Pillow
1st Place      - Boppy
2nd Place     - Moonlight Slumber
3rd Place      - JJ Cole
3rd Place     - Peekaway

1st Place      - Dexbaby
2nd Place     - Munchkin
3rd Place      - Koala Baby

1st Place      - Wubbanub
2nd Place     - PullyPalz
3rd Place      - Natursutten/ Zoe B. Organic

Personalized Product
1st Place      - Alphabet Garden
2nd Place     - Kelley Hughes Designs
3rd Place     - Oopsy Daisy

Photo Album
1st Place       - CR Gibson
2nd Place      - Pearhead
3rd Place       - Terra Traditions

Picture Frame
1st Place       - Twelve Timbers
2nd Place      - CR Gibson
3rd Place       - Pearhead

Play Yard
1st Place      - Guava Family
2nd Place     - Primo
3rd Place     - Journey Bee

Plush Toy
1st Place     - Gund
2nd Place    - Bunnies by the Bay
2nd Place    - Toy Marketing Inc.
3rd Place     - Jellycat

Portable Cribs
1st Place       - Nuna
2nd Place      - Baby Home
3rd Place       - Phil & Ted

1st Place      - Primo
2nd Place     - Little Marc
3rd Place      - Potette (Kalencom)
3rd Place      - Munchkin

1st Place      - Angel Song
2nd Place     - Dutailier
3rd Place     - Shermag

Safety Item
1st Place      - Kidco Gates
2nd Place     - Mommy’s Helper

3rd Place     - Ozeri Turtlemeter


1st Place      - Trumpette
2nd Place     - Jefferies
3rd Place      - Country Kids

1st Place     - Bob Revolution
1st Place     - Delta Children
1st Place     - Stokke
2nd Place    - iCandy
2nd Place    - Joovy
2nd Place    - Mamas & Papas
2nd Place    - Stroll Air
3rd Place     - Britax
3rd Place     - Chicco
3rd Place     - Uppababy

Stroller Accessory
1st Place     - Skip Hop
2nd Place    - Buggy Guard
3rd Place     - Infantino

Swaddling Product
1st Place     - Swaddle Design
1st Place     - Aden & Anais
2nd Place    - Halo
2nd Place    - Woombie
3rd Place     - Miracle Blanket

Sun Glasses
1st Place      - Babiators
2nd Place     - Real Kids Shades
3rd Place     - Teeny Tiny Optics

Sun Protection
1st Place      - Snapper Rock
1st Place      - SnoozeShade
2nd Place     - thinkbaby
2nd Place     - Baby Blanket Suncare
3rd Place      - Le bebe Coo

1st Place     - Banana Brush
2nd Place     - Chewbeads
3rd Place     - RaZbaby
3rd Place     - Nookums PaciPlushies

Teething Jewelry
1st Place     - KidKusion
2nd Place    - Smart Mom
2nd Place    - Chewbead
3rd Place     - Mama and Little
3rd Place     - Droolery

1st Place      - Baby Legs
2nd Place     - RuffleButts
3rd Place     - Tic Tac Toe

Toilet Training Product
1st Place      - Mommy’s Helper
2nd Place     - Potty Time Inc.
3rd Place     - Primo

1st Place      - Safari Ltd.
2nd Place     - Toy Marketing Inc.
2nd Place     - Pacific Playtents
3rd Place      - Smart Gear
3rd Place      - Edushape

Travel Accessory
1st Place      - Kids Fly Safe
2nd Place     - Monkey Mat
2nd Place     - Smitten Baby
3rd Place      - Boon Squirt


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