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Fix a bottle now and mix it later with Mixie
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Fix a bottle now and mix it later
with Mixie baby formula bottle

mixie.pkgbtl.4oz.hiMixie is a unique bottle that can be filled prior to feeding time and then quickly mixed when an impatient baby is ready to eat. The bottle also meets the requirement that formula be consumed within an hour of being mixed. Mixie allows a bottle to be fixed now and mixed later.

Mixie stores the formula in a compartment at the bottom of the bottle and water fills the top portion. A push button releases the powder and the caregiver just shakes the bottle until the formula is entirely mixed. The lid of the formula compartment serves as a free-floating agitator to avoid clumps.

Mixie is free of PVC, BCA, and phthalates and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Adding water to the bottle at mixing time means caregivers can travel through airport security unchallenged with powder already measured into the bottle. Parents can also leave a prepared bottle with a sitter or grandparent knowing the mix will be just as they wish.

Available in a 4-oz. bottle with a stage one nipple perfect for newborns and an 8-oz. size with a stage two nipple for older babies, Mixie features vented nipples to help prevent colic.

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